Apr 11, 2020


In our second podcast talking with small traditional and barebow manufacturers we speak to Sid Ball of Border Bows in Scotland. Sid takes us through how a small archery business is coping in these uncertain times, Sid explains about the traditional riser and modern limbs his company produces, he explains at length about bow design and bow limitations and how a combination of riser, string, limbs and arrows work better. Plus some rules of thumb need to be re-thought for super recurve type limbs and where he sees Barebow archery going in the future. The Barebow Archery Podcast supports the small archery businesses trying to stay afloat in the current crisis. #barebow

Mar 30, 2020


Well the lockdown continues and archery has all but shutdown in most places so instead of firing off a few arrows at 3m I took to the internet to chat with David Jackson 2019 WA World 3D champion. David has graced the final shootoffs at major Field and 3D since 2015 when he made the French Archery squad as a Barebow shooter. He shoots #Uukha and #ARcSysteme # Barebow #Archery

Mar 19, 2020

Ep009 Aris Korbetis R Core Archery

In Ep009 Aris Korbetis of R Core Bow Accessories talks about bow grips and grip designs, the Kings of Archery competition and archery in Greece. 

You can check out the products at RCore.co

Mar 18, 2020

Ep008 Olympian Jake Kaminski

Jake Kaminski is a 2 time Olympic Silver medalist in the sport of archery. He talks to us about life after the US Archery Team, making a living out of archery and what it takes to get to and stay at the top. He also discusses his first steps in the sport of Barebow archery.


Mar 18, 2020

Ep 007 Dr Maurice Duffy The Mindset of a Winner

We dedicate this episode to mental attitude, mindset and performance coaching. Dr Maurice Duffy is a visiting Professor at Sunderland University in the UK and coaches sporting stars and boardroom executives at how to stay in the zone and how to stay on top.

Mind is a huge part of sport. www.mauriceduffy.com https://twitter.com/TheBeakSquawks

Mar 12, 2020


This episode of The Barebow Archery Podcast we talk to archery coach Chris Hill about alternatives to the NTS system and his Korean inspired Linear Shot Sequence. This podcast may prove too controversial for some who follow the NTS system, but Chris Hill points out that the Linear Shot Sequence has a winning history going back decades. Next week we have a mental coach on the show with inside information on how the elite athletes at Olympic and International level do their stuff using meditation and visualisation. 

Mar 8, 2020

Ep 005 Joel Turner ShotIQ

Part 2 of our interview with Joel Turner about Target Panic, Controlled Process Shooting and what went down at The Vegas Shoot 2020 in the new Barebow Recurve class. 

Mar 2, 2020

Ep 004 Joel Turner ShotIQ

In this two part show we talk to Joel Turner of ShotIQ about shot control, how the Barebow pros shoot, triggered shots and what went down at The Vegas Shoot 2020. This is Part 1 of a 2 part series on the subject of target panic and shot control. This information is relevant to all single string shooting.

Feb 19, 2020

Ep 003 Dwight Dorsey

In Episode 3 of The Barebow Archery Podcast we feature 3D shooter Dwight Dorsey who tells us about his battles against target panic, his 3D successes and his controlled shooting process. Dwight Dorsey was the 2019 IBO National Triple Crown 3D Champion in Recurve Unaided. I really enjoyed talking with Dwight about his experiences shooting against Demmer, Dewayne Martin and Mark Lynde. If anyone was thinking of trying 3d, wherever you may be, Dwight gives you an insight into what is required. Please download and share with your archery friends! 

Feb 11, 2020


Joining us on episode 002 of The Barebow Archery Podcast we have a legend of barebow archery.

Martin Ottosson is a Swedish barebow archer that shoots Field, 3d and target at an elite level. He has represented Sweden at World and European tournaments and graced the podium on many occasions . He also lays down high scores on the indoor range in WA18/25 competitions. Martin is hugely talented and skilled archer but he is also a very intelligent person who studies the sport through testing, tuning and studying the psychological and mental aspects of the archery game.

In this episode we cover shot process, mental control, target panic and a triggered shot. Martin explains how he ended up with his shot process after some roller coaster rides in competition. Enjoy!

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